Slow Down, Take A Seat, Notice Your Breathe

Many of us are going through tough times in life. Stress, depression and anxiety are at it’s peak like never before. but we should never forget that life will give you downfalls, we have to stay up there strong like a rock and rise up stronger than ever.

Keep fighting and let them know what you are capable of. eventually god has a plan and it’s for the best.

It’s very important to – slow down, take a backseat and breathe. It’s all going to be alright, we promise <3


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To find your perfect size in shirts you have to make sure the collar fits you properly. Take a shirt that you know fits and measure the collar from the middle of the button to the end of the buttonhole.

EUR35 3637 3839/4041/4243/4445/46
UK13 1414 1515 1516 1617 1717 18
Chest inch31 3334 3637 3941 4144 4547 48


EUR323436 3840 4244 46
UK NEW468 1012 1416 18
Bust inch303133 3436 3739 41