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Just as the icy winds of winter turn into chirpy summer mornings, we realise that change is the only constant. An important part of staying relevant is to continue to evolve, constantly changing the way we think, feel, live and consume. Having started out as a high street fashion brand, founder of Saison – Moneissh, felt the need to reassess the brands objectives, especially after his lengthy chats with co-founders of #MahimBeachCleanUp, Rabia Tewari and Indranil, who shed light on the very real problem of waste accumulation and disposal in the city. Their commitment to heal the ocean and battle plastic waste inspired us at Saison to think differently, and evolve into a brand that is not only socially relevant but also ethical. Thus began our collaboration to launch a collection that supports the novel cause of #MahimBeachCleanUp.

Start a

Change is swift, and so we immediately began our search for sustainable fabrics, hoping to strike a balance between eco-friendly and economical. This time of change also marked the beginning of our fruitful collaboration with IS design, who helped us launch a fun, wacky and socially conscious collection of t-shirts that make a bold statement and don’t cost the earth. Our latest collections – Greater Than Us, Paws & Play, Loud & Proud, Mad, Mad World, Wits Worthy & Bombae aim to bring you the most original and exciting t-shirts that strike the perfect balance between ethical, bold and affordable, giving you the opportunity to give back to the planet while you flaunt the hottest trends. We are as committed to giving socially relevant causes a voice as we are to developing the coolest designs that you would love to adorn.

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